#9996 Transgenderism - Mary Rice Hasson


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Transgenderism is a growing concern for the Church as more and more parents and kids are convinced to take part in gender treatments from a young age. Mary Rice Hasson talks about the danger of accepting gender dysphoria as healthy and provides practical support for how to combat this dysphoria. Questions Covered: 23:38 – How should Christians respond to the claim that “gender is a social construct”? 35:13 – Why is it such a big deal if someone lives their life as they see fit? Being so anti-LGBTQ is turning people away from Jesus. Why do you have to say you’re right and they’re wrong? 44:04 – My child is 17, almost 18. She has autism and she mirrors behavior. She now believes that she is a male trapped in a female body. She has had hospitalizations and the staff has completely supported her by changing her name in her chart and refusing to refer to her by her name. How can I navigate this? How can I protect my daughter from the medical staff? Resources Mentioned: Personandidentity.com Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier Parents of ROGD Kids …

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