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Questions Covered: 04:19 – Why did God make the devil? 06:03 – Canon 29 forbids on the Sabbath and Judaizing at the Council of Laodicea. What does that mean? Why? 11:06 – How did Hildegard become doctor of the Church? 13:05 – Is the Septuagint older than the Maccabees? 16:50 – Why didn’t the Pharisees believe Jesus after he did all his miraculous signs and why did they hate him? 20:14 – Is there a non-literal way to interpret the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac in Genesis 22? 30:09 – I have a new Jehovah’s Witness friend. He says the soul dies with the body. How can I respond to this? 35:00 – Why did we go from the word “cup” to “chalice” in the liturgy? 37:43 – What does Jesus mean when he says, “Give to God what is God’s, and give to Caesar what is Caesar’s”? 42:55 – We know that Mary is the only human to have ever lived without sin, but do we have any evidence of St. Joseph sinning? Could he have been sinless as well? 46:00 – I have heard a lot of complaints that the Church is just oppressive and doesn’t allow individual freedom. How can I respond to that? 50:54 – What is God really saying in Revelation 18:4-5? Resources Mentioned: A Daily Defense Hunting the Whore of Babylon by Jimmy Akin …

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