#10048 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard


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Questions Covered: 12:52 – Did Christ die in place for us or not? How does this compare to substitutionary atonement? 22:10 – Could an excessive fear of being in mortal sin cause us to unnecessarily distance ourselves from the Eucharist and other holy things? 30:00 – How do we know that Paul didn’t invent Christianity? 34:45 – How do we know that that New Testament writers didn’t falsify information when claiming Jesus fulfilled messianic prophecy? 43:13 – What did it mean when Jesus, in response to the people who said “Lord, didn’t we cast demons out in your name,” said “I never knew you”? 49:03 – Where do we get the teaching that Jesus descended into hell? 52:40 – Why are they called feastdays? …

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