#10062 Ask a Priest - Fr. David Meconi


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Need to ask a priest? Fr. Meconi is here to answer. Questions Covered: 04:10 – Why is the principle of first fruit giving not taught in the Catholic Church? 07:06 – Which of the apocryphal writings are worth reading and learning from, and which ones should we forego reading? 11:46 – I am interested in becoming a priest. How does that work? How much freedom does one have in deciding one’s role in the Church? 13:46 – Is it permissible for a layperson to serve as a subdeacon if he is not on his way to Holy Orders? 15:13 – My brother convinced his girlfriend to get an abortion a few years ago and he just confided this in me. I am having trouble not being angry and forgiving him for it. What can I do? 17:30 – Why haven’t the clergy been teaching the laity? There doesn’t seem to be enough education or catechism for lay people. 23:11 – Why are certain elements of the Levitical priesthood retained in the Catholic Mass and priesthood while other Old Testament laws are completely done away with by Jesus? 28:44 – Why is Matthew 17:21 not included in so many Bibles? 33:05 – How can I convince someone that Christ is God? They asked me why he would call himself Son of God if he is God. 35:15 – How does our post-modern society, which doesn’t believe in real love, compare with the early pagan societies of Jesus’ time? 40:32 – Is a person who has an eating disorder in a state of mortal sin every time they misuse food or their body? 41:14 – Is it okay to date after a divorce? 42:57 – Is it okay to make a spiritual communion in Mass when you’re not in a state of grace and so can’t receive? 44:06 – I lost my brother to suicide. He struggled with diabolical things. Is my brother lost, according to Catholic teaching? 49:35 – I am a born-again Christian but not yet a Catholic. If I die, will I not be saved? 51:27 – My daughter has chosen a different sexual orientation. How can I talk to her about the truth of this? It is causing a lot of anger and frustration in our home. Resources Mentioned: When a Loved One Dies by Suicide by various authors …

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