#9860 Obstacles to Catholicism - Karlo Broussard


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What is keeping you from the Catholic Church? Questions Covered: 12:27 – Having to go back to confession makes me feel like, what is the point in even trying? I will just be back there again. 18:03 – Why do people have to get an annulment to be married and part of the Church? 30:17 – I am a pastor but I am drawn to the Catholic Church. It is hard for me to want to be Catholic when I see public figures claiming to be Catholic but also speaking heresies and not living Catholic lives. How can I overcome this? 42:22 – What is the relationship of the Pope and Catholic Church to other Christian denominations? 47:34 – My obstacle to Catholicism is that I am not Catholic, but I am not allowed to receive the Eucharist. I am insulted that I cannot receive even though I believe it is the Body and Blood of Christ. …

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