#9937 Women’s Empowerment - Mary Rice Hasson


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This week, we are hearing from some of the best and brightest women in the world on issues ranging from life, to work, to roles in the Church. Questions Covered: 20:22 – How can you say that no human has ever been born into the world without distinct genitalia? There are plenty of cases of people being born with ambiguous genitalia and I am horrified that you would say that. Not all people are men or women. 34:40 – How are women able to best serve by using their receptivity? 42:24 – Could you comment on chastity and empowerment? 46:50 – I am a single mother. What do you feel the Catholic Church is doing to empower single women who are parents? 50:05 – Down at the DNA level, isn’t that where we determine male and female? Can’t DNA tell us this? …

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