#9985 Chastity for Men - Jason Evert


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Chastity is for every person, in every stage of life, in every vocation. How can this be? Jason Evert explains. Questions Covered: 16:44 – I spoke with someone today who’s kid is struggling with the Church’s teaching on homosexuality since the Church also says to love everyone. How can she explain the chaste love that the Church is teaching? 21:43 – I came into my faith in the last three years. My husband is not Catholic. I feel like my relationship with my husband does not have chastity. How can I begin to make this a part of our marriage when he is not Catholic? 29:23 – I am a convert. We are having a hard time explaining to family about NFP and our desire to be open to children. They don’t want us to have kids right away. How can we open up this conversation? 32:50 – In a marriage, if one partner is not interested in sexual activity and the other is, how can there be chastity in the relationship when someone is struggling so much? 36:44 – I have been talking with a gal for about 6 months and we are talking about taking the next step and getting into a serious relationship. How can I tell if I am being lustful or am I just wanting a different relationship? 43:50 – I heard you mention fast for her husband. I don’t know much about that. How could I go about fasting for someone who needs prayers? 47:50 – I’m 82 years old and a widower. I miss her a lot. I have a friend who I am attracted to that I would like to cuddle with. If it is not sexual, is that chaste? …

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