#9990 Tips for Defending the Faith - Trent Horn


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Questions Covered: 07:31 – How should I defend against the Orthodox claim that Peter is only the bishop of Rome and not of other places he lived in? 16:25 – What tips do you have for talking to someone who identifies as an agnostic materialist? 20:45 – How do you defend faith against the atheist claim that quantum mechanics prove that there are uncaused causes? 29:00 – How do we defend the premise in the cosmological argument that says there can’t be an infinite causal regress? 35:30 – In our arguments, should we look more at the methodology of our discussion partners instead of going straight to the evidence? 44:15 – How do I articulate the Catholic stance on justification? 49:05 – If existence is goodness, how does that account for things like torture devices? Resources Mentioned: Five Proofs for the Existence of God by Ed Feser …

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