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Questions Covered: 03:09 – Is the old tradition of the early Church the same as Roman Catholic tradition? 10:30 – What is the reality of matter if it requires consciousness to be defined? He mentioned the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. 14:40 – Who are the Eudist fathers? Are they legitimate? I just went to confession with one of their order the other day. 16:40 – How long have nuns existed in the Church and who started the tradition of religious sisters? 22:11 – How much responsibility do we have to educate younger Catholics on moral topics in the Church, like the ideas of cooperation with evil, the precepts of the Church, etc? 29:15 – How would you advise me? I am afraid of complete commitment to God. 33:00 – How does paragraph 2010 in CCC relate to the parable in Luke 18:9-14 about the tax collector and the temple? 41:38 – Why do bad things happen to good people? 46:48 – Can saints and angels hear silent prayers? …

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