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Questions Covered: 04:00 – When we are in heaven, will we see others or will we be so enamored by God that we see only him? 07:32 – My son is almost 20 and is not practicing his faith right now. How can I talk to him about the faith and help bring him back to it? He asked me how he can want a God who required such a sacrifice of his own Son. 08:15 – Is a couple who qualifies for an annulment required to get one? 22:00 – I am a fan of the show Wanda Vision, but I realize one of the characters is a witch. Should I stop liking it? Is it contrary to God? 38:00 – Is doing penance earning your forgiveness? 44:32 – You said earlier that angels and saints can hear our thoughts. Does that also mean that demons and Satan can hear our thoughts, since they are fallen angels? 49:39 – What is the significance of Peter, James, and John? Were they more important or blessed than the rest of the apostles? 52:55 – Does God remember our sins and good works? If he really forgets our sins when we confess them, will he remember our good works? Resources Mentioned: Ep 87 Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World Ep 105 & 106 Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World …

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