#9997 Bible Blueprint for the Church - Karlo Broussard


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Karlo Broussard shares the bible blueprint for the Catholic Church. Questions Covered: 14:16 – I am an Anglican. What is the Catholic perspective on the Anglican claim to apostolic succession? 21:19 – What part of the old covenant is brought into the new covenant? 29:35 – Do Anglicans coming into communion with the Catholic Church have to be re-ordained as priests? 32:33 – I know you use Colossians 2:16 to identify that the Sabbath is no longer binding on Saturday. What is the reason for some translations saying “Sabbath(s)” versus “Sabbath”? Douay Rheims and King James use the plural version. 41:25 – How do you know that Jesus in the Eucharist is the real presence? Christ says to “do this in memory of me,” which makes me think that it is a reenactment. 47:44 – How can we talk to Protestants when they say we can only use the Bible in our conversations? …

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