E13: Crown (Chakra) on Ice


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We're finally at the top of the chakras, the Crown Chakra! Listen to us finish our Chakra series with the chakra of wisdom. We talk about our own experiences with the crown chakra, how it can appear when it's blocked or too open and some tips for getting back in balance. Mik closes out with a Sh*t Happens segment and recommends a small but mighty tool to add to your everyday prep.
Some things we talked about in this episode:

We had an amazing time at Magnolia Retreats in Los Angeles in August. Check them out on Instagram! Wholesome Zen provided the vegan treats and lunch at the retreat, and THEY. WERE. EVERYTHING. Check out their Instagram and website. Other sessions that we attended at the retreat: HeyyHealer, Yoga with Jehr and sound healing with Britt. Everything was so, so good.

(SPOILER ALERT) We also talked about Dave Season 2, and a trippy scene. You can watch it on Hulu.

A couple of yoga poses for activating your crown chakra: - Corpse Pose, Supported Headstand. Remember, if you have a head or neck injury, avoid headstands. If you’re nervous about going upside down, use a wall behind you.

Sh*t Happens. Mik talked about the Tactical Pen from Atomic Bear*, an “Everyday Carry” and handy tool to have on you for self-defense or if you find yourself in an emergency and need to break a window.

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