536 - In The Bunker (6/28/21)


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It’s a jumbo sized Chapo today, starting with a return of our smash hit segment “Animal Facts” to start off with 20 min of levity and speculation on which of Nature’s magnificent creatures are conduits to the spiritual and/or extraterrestrial world. Then, after one of Will’s maybe sweatiest ever transitions, we move on to discussing the tragic Miami condo collapse and the narrowing aperture of improvement in American life. Finally, we read from two accounts of the last days of the Trump Administration, confirming a lot of what we suspected, and adding a few more juicy details of what Trump, Rudy and the gang were actually up to on Jan. 6. Also there’s a little bonus segment on “Woke Capitalism” and the future of “Trumpism” as a political project at the end.

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