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Brian, Blake and Richard are back with another episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast!
Brian is tired, so very tired, and has been burning the midnight oil on his travels to see Josh Scott from JHS Pedals in Kansas City, Missouri. He and Blake swap sleep accessory tips before Brian is forced to remove his headset as Blake tells an awful story. Richard discusses his sleeping superpower before Blake points out it may be a legitimate medical issue.

Blake and Brian compare notes about the amazing setup JHS have and we learn a little of the professional media environment Josh has put together with his team. From broadcast tips to jamming with the guys, Brian breaks down his experience and how much he enjoyed it, and there was no mention of a giant ham but some mention of Dave lee Roth’s alternative career as a Paramedic.

Does a popular piece of free audio software have spyware embedded? The guys chat around this controversial issue. This leads into a conversation about Ai generated music and the specific concept of bringing artists back from the dead using new technology.

Originality is something that is often discussed in the pedal world, even though we know they are all basically tube screamer clones, and Brian has some views on this but most importantly has discovered a truly unique and original guitar pedal. We then discover a shocking dark secret about Richard's Epiphone

Epoxy Guitars, Bone Saws, Van Halen, Custom 335s, Joe Bs Salty Vee, New Fenders, Crossroads (the movie), it’s all in this week's Chasing Tone!
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