Episode 67 - How Christian Is Christian Fiction


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Author and editor Jennifer Crosswhite joins us as we discuss the question of how Christian Christian fiction is. Is the tide turning toward more "sweet and clean" novels and away from those with stronger Christian themes?
We start with a discussion of how the Christian fiction industry began and what its purpose was. We move into how it has changed and the role that indie publishing has played in this evolution of Christian fiction. We finish up with a discussion of whether or not there is are places in Christian fiction for both "clean and sweet" and traditional Christian fiction.
This is the link to the article we discuss in the episode.
Jennifer Crosswhite
At heart, I’m a history buff. I have a degree in history and seriously considered getting my PhD in it. But I think writing fiction drawn on the past is more fun.

I enjoy exploring the beauty of America. There is so much variety. And I always wonder, “Why did the first people settle here? And what makes people stay today?”

When I’m not writing, I’m mom to two young adults. My daughter has juvenile arthritis, my son has autism, and we all are gluten free. It keeps life interesting! While I’m a California native, I spent a significant amount of time in the Midwest. Both places feel like home, even though I’m now back in the Golden State. Follow me on social media to learn about my latest adventures and how they inspire my books!

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"I own a publishing services company helping writers learn the craft of fiction and navigate the world of publishing, indie or traditional. Find me at www.TandemServicesInk.com."
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