Enjoying God in Pain


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Amidst suffering and turmoil in our own lives and the world around us, the story of Habbakuk encourages us to wrestle with God. We all have a deep-down longing for justice, so we when cry out to God for justice we are recognising God as the just creator, with power to bring justice and mercy. We should trust that judgement will come on the wicked. Only through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus can we find mercy and strength. In Habbakuk we find an example of joy in the God of salvation, even if things sometimes get worse before they get better. God continues to strengthen his people. Let us find refuge in him during times of trouble. We ultimately look forward to the day when God returns to wipe away every tear. Through Jesus we can enter into an eternity of no suffering, no injustice, no sickness, no pandemics...in a perfect world of endless joy and life in the presence of the father of lights and our good God.

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