God's Provision


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When the Israelites grumbled, God heard them and answered their cries, but later on they forgot his grace and grumbled again. How often have you complained the moment things don’t go your way, even after God has revealed his faithfulness and grace? Such is our capricious and grumbling nature. When you are anxious, look at the past and remember God’s faithfulness and grace. Whenever we grumble, we question God’s character, judging him of not doing his work. God has the power to turn what is bitter into something sweet. We have had our Exodus from slavery, but we are not at the promised land yet. We have to go through the wilderness of sin. Here, he wants us to listen to his voice and to do what is right in his eyes, as an opportunity for us to grow and develop our character. Let us not be a grumbling people, but a grateful people, trusting God’s character, power, and faithfulness. Let us look to Jesus as the rock that God strikes and from whom salvation and blessing flows....

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