Good Friday


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Death by crucifixion was excruciating. After six minutes, the victim can barely breath and for the next few hours their limbs dislocate and their lungs suffer through plural effusion. Not only that, but crucifixion was so despised that when a hgh ranking Roman actor mimed the action of the cross in a play, he received threats of death by crucifixion for even portraying such an embarrassment and despicable thing. Yet, Jesus, knowing the law and prophets, saw that his crucifixion was necessary to save the world. Today, you can choose how you view the crucifixion of Christ: you can be repulsed by it like the Pharisees and Romans, indifferent to it like Pilate who also used the crucifixion as a means to execute a power play, you can cast lots and sell Jesus for profit, or you can choose to surrender your sins at the cross and rejoice in that true love was displayed by Jesus on the cross as the propitiation for our sins.

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