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Jehu was anointed by God to strike down Ahab, the former king who did more evil than any king before him, committing atrocious idolatry with his wife Jezebel. Jehu, directly and indirectly, slaughtered the entire house of Ahab and Jezebel, and all the worshippers of Baal. Idolatry angers God and incurs his righteous wrath. Like Jehu, our world wants justice and God has called us to take action. Better than Jehu, we are to show the world how our faith has changed us to push back against darkness and evil with goodness and light. In Christ, we are called to fight the good fight for our faith against the powers with the sword of the Spirit (the Bible) and the armour of God. Christian, use a sword and not a butter knife. First, use the sword of scripture on yourself to pierce through the idols in your own life, then use it to pierce the lies and idols in other’s lives.

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