The Evil Tempter


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Jesus, like Moses, is in the desert at the edge of the Jordan river. Where Israel spent 40 years there because they failed to be faithful, Jesus spent 40 days in the desert and persevered. In the desert, Jesus relived the story of Israel and rewrote the ending. The devil wanted to offer Jesus the crown without the cross, to give Jesus the glory without walking the path of suffering and faithfulness his father has set for him. Throughout the temptations, Jesus trusted that his father will provide, is for him, and has a better plan and greater kingdom.The story of Jesus’ temptation helps us with our own. We are to be like Jesus in our trust of God’s promises and plan, but also not too much like Jesus in being the hero of our story and facing the devil. The Bible says we are to flee temptation, pray against it, and resist the devil so that he will flee from us. Trust in the righteousness of our forerunner and great high priest, Jesus Christ. Trust in the father above who cares for us,...

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