The Sinful Woman


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The woman who wiped Jesus’ feet with her hair and tears was a ‘woman of the city’ known to be a sinner and prostitute. Her alabaster flask was her appeal, and once the flask is broken to pour the ointment there is no turning back. Furthermore, a Jewish woman wouldn’t reveal her hair until her wedding night, yet here she was breaking her flask and unbinding her hair, wiping the feet of her saviour. Thus, overcome by guilt and shame, yet realising Jesus is the only one who could set her free, she laid down her all at the feet of her saviour.We are all in spiritual debt and need a saviour to come on our behalf and pay our debt. The religious and rebellious are both equally in need of Jesus. A faith with conditions is no faith at all, so may we lay down all our sin and shame before the feet of our saviour who on the cross said ‘it is finished’, paying in full our debt of sin by his life, death, and resurrection.

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