The Waiting Prophet


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In 1st Century Israel, Rome controlled Israel through tyranny. It is a time where Israel felt isolated and hoped for redemption and freedom from political oppression. Simeon was ‘a righteous man who waited for the consolation of Israel’ and didn’t die until he saw the Messiah. Oppression through sin, brokenness, and evil isn’t just out there — it’s inside us. Yet Jesus comes into the essence of our being, looking into our heart and wanting to transform us from the inside out. We are made to have a real relationship with Jesus, to encounter his presence in our daily lives. In the midst of fear, uncertainty, suffering, and despair, Jesus is our hope, our anchor, and our love. We ought to wait upon the Lord through prayer, setting our eyes on things above, and reading through the promises in the Bible. Every promise finds its yes in Jesus.

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