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As Josiah dusts off the book of the law, he realises that Israel has been at war with God. Showing true repentance, Josiah tears his clothes and made a covenant with God, steering an entire nation away from idolatry and back to God, even reinstituting the Passover which hasn’t been kept since the judges. His efforts were so great that Josiah was called the greatest king that Israel has had, or will have. Still, it was too little, too late. God’s wrath could not be kindled, and by the end of 2 Kings Jerusalem is destroyed and Israel is exiled to Babylon. Fourteen generations later, God’s wrath would be kindled forever through the death of Jesus, his son. Christ is the king Josiah could not be, granting us repentance that does not result in judgement, but in acceptance if we confess our sins, trust Jesus is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse us. May we walk in the newness of life by the Holy Spirit.

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