Clean Talk | Ep 45 | Innovative Technologies Improving Patient Safety w/ Richard Prinz


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In this week’s episode of Clean Talk, Richard Prinz, Senior Vice President at Blue Ocean Robotics, joins us to share how utilizing innovative technologies mitigates Healthcare-associated Infections and promotes patient safety worldwide.
Tune in to hear about a range of topics including:
• Richard’s background and what brought him to where he is today
• About Blue Ocean Robotics and their mission
• What is the UVD Robot?
• Taking a proactive approach towards patient safety
• Richard's previous experience at EvaClean Infection Prevention
• EvaClean's Pure Excellence Program
• What to expect in the future for Blue Ocean Robotics
• Predictions for the future of Infection Prevention
• And more!
Rich brings with him 20 years of experience in leadership positions at major Healthcare, Hospitality, and Industrial Supply organizations. Highly skilled in partnership management and targeted education, Rich has developed Process Improvement Initiatives at major healthcare facilities and networks throughout the Country.
He has implemented training for the Operating Room, Infection Prevention, Environmental Services, and Sterile Processing consistent with TJC Standards. He has written articles for several industry organizations including Infection Control Today, Healthcare Purchasing News, and CMM. Originally from Chicago, Rich relocated to Massachusetts in 2014 with his family. He enjoys traveling, hiking, and running with his two daughters.
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