Katja Herbers on Her Journey to Evil, More Demon Kristen and If Sheryl Is Unforgivable


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Ever since Evil first debuted on CBS in 2019, I was told time and time again that it was an absolute must-watch, that this genre mash-up of a show was right up my alley. I’m deeply embarrassed to admit that it took me until summer of 2022 to actually take that advice. But, sure enough, I fell so hard for Evil that now I’m determined to pay it forward — go watch all three seasons of Evil on Paramount+ right now!

The show stars Mike Coulter as David, a Catholic seminarian working as an assessor, someone tasked with investigating the legitimacy of miracles and also claims of demonic activity. David does this with the help of Aasif Mandvi’s Ben, a contractor who specializes in technology and has a knack for disproving supernatural phenomena via rational explanations. Rounding out the team with a different perspective and set of skills is Katja Herbers’ Kristen, a psychologist who doesn’t believe in the supernatural but rather that everything has an explanation in science. However, the more cases the team takes, the more Kristen's core beliefs are challenged.

Clearly I adore Evil overall, but one particular element of the show that makes it a must-watch series is Herbers’ performance. Not only does she deftly weave through complex cases that put everything the character believes to the test, but she goes all-in when tackling every single ounce of it, and given how many genres and tones Evil spans, that makes for a deliciously wide-ranging performance.

Given my enthusiasm for the show and her performance, it probably goes without saying that it was the ultimate treat to welcome Herbers to Collider Ladies Night to discuss her journey from Holland to Hollywood and, of course, what went down in Evil Season 3.

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