31.2 Come Follow Me ( Alma 43-52) Book of Mormon Evidence - Darin Southam


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Guest in this episode: Darin Southam, Actor, Writer, Film Director
WEBSITE: www.ReignMovie.com
Lesson 31.1 (Alma 43-52):
"Stand Fast in the Faith of Christ"
Hosted by Rod Meldrum
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Book of Mormon Evidence Podcast - Come Follow Me Supplementary Study
Darin is an American actor, writer, and director of English, Scottish, and German decent, born in the small town of Vernal Utah. Most of his childhood and adolescence (12 years) was spent in Vancouver, Washington. A week after Darin's seventeenth birthday, his father died of a heart attack. As the youngest and last of five children in the home, Darin became the man of the house.
The school stage is where Darin's passion for acting began but he was also very into sports. After playing college football at Brigham Young University-Idaho, Darin finished his BA at the University of Utah. His football days led to his first acting role in the Disney film "Going To The Mat," working with Khleo Thomas as the football jock, "Yardley". The following year, Darin booked another role in Disney's "Halloweentown High," where he worked with Academy Award Nominated, Debbie Reynolds, as well as Teen Choice Nominated, Lucas Grabeel. Southam read for the role of Wylie in Disney's "Buffalo Dreams" and had the director all but convinced until he was asked his age (being 25 at the time). Though Darin is typically cast in younger roles, in this case, the director took Darin's age a bit too literally. Darin took a few roles in independent films and then landed a lead role in Discovery Channel's "I Shouldn't Be Alive."
In spite of his brewing film success, with a young family, Darin relocated to California to pursue a law degree. Shortly after moving, he booked a role in "127 Hours" where he worked with Golden Globe Winner (and Academy Award Nominated), James Franco. Although the role turned out to be smaller than anticipated, as the entire wedding scene was cut from the final edit, it did steer Darin from law school. He withdrew after one semester to attend Playhouse West Acting School in North Hollywood. While studying there, he booked roles in a number of films, including the mountain man scout Ephraim Hanks in "Ephraim's Rescue," where he showed his ability to carry a film. Later, Darin was also direct-cast as a younger character version of PT Emmy Nominated, John Heard, in "Counting For Thunder." Not letting his law background go to waste, Darin followed by landing a supporting role as the lead Defense Attorney in "Just Let Go," where he worked opposite Emmy Nominated Henry Ian Cusick and Sam Sorbo (Jenkins). Most recently, Southam worked opposite Teen Choice Winner, Josh Lucas, on Yellowstone.
Darin is also the writer and director of over 30 commercials and short films, including the third all-time highest funded short film on Kickstarter in 2017, "Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty Concept Short".

- IMDb Mini Biography By: agent /publicist

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