445: Digital Detritus


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Topics: -One of Joe’s customers ordered a Mac that was attempted to be delivered by Uber. She never received it but it was marked as delivered.

-Sam struggles with focus at times and learned from a colleague about a method of efficiency by checking in on email only twice a day. Is that sustainable?

-HCS CT is still hiring. Here is our Indeed posting.

-Joe talks of his challenges working with his new Mac with only two USB-C ports. HyperDrive and others manufacturers are good options for expanding on that.

-How much are external accessories necessary as of late?

-Jerry has some built up anger for people that constantly print things.

-What about digital accumulation?

-Dropbox attempts to opt in syncing is a feature that Joe is not happy about.

-Sam has moved towards using Microsoft SharePoint internally at HCS.

-Between the variety of cloud services and branding changes, end users are confused.

-The crew gets into a discussion about standardizing on software like Outlook and Apple Mail.

-As more vendors are offering non profit solutions directly, is Tech Soup worth it these days?

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