451: Blue Chip Mail Migrations


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-Jerry talks about using Rackspace for Microsoft 365 hosting. Somehow they don’t offer two factor authentication.

-Jerry had a struggle migrating a family tenant of Microsoft to a business license. He used Power BI to get it done.

-Joe ran into a gotcha with a migration and claiming a domain.

-PowerShell is a knowledge that is a necessity at times.

-Allowing users to be Global Admins could be dangerous due to how flippant they are with their own passwords.

-There is a danger to managing a service if that service has issues.

-Moving to new devices can cause an issue with Authenticator apps.

-Google Chrome has an extension for scanning QR codes for two factor.

-Joe talks browser recommendations and password management.

-Safari has a nice password import feature.

-CCP loves 1Password but there have been some hiccups in recent versions.

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