452: VPN For Clients


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-Jerry wants to know everyone’s take on VPNs.

-iCloud Private Relay is another option that Joe will start to recommend as it comes out of beta.

-One of Sam’s approaches is to suggest verbiage in employee agreements as opposed to enforcing technology.

-More about iCloud Private Relay: About iCloud Private Relay - Apple Support

-Joe brings up valid concerns about using the office firewall as a VPN solution as it may not be scalable.

-Sam’s third party VPN of choice is NordVPN but he has some concerns about it now being in the App Store.

-Jerry wants everyone to use his affiliate links.

-As Sam’s daughter is applying to colleges, he is concerned about one institution’s practice in handling secure documents.

-As Jerry looks to migrate a client’s mail data, he finds that their current provider wont’ provide admin access, likely because they have multiple customers in the same portal.

-Password management and “credential stuffing” is an ongoing process for Joe’s customers.

-It’s astonishing that some providers allow very insecure passwords.

-Props for TidBITS Content Network for providing incredibly useful content to provide to our customers for topics like password security.

-Keychain Password Manager “memorable” password feature is gone because it was a 32-bit function.

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