453: The Case Of The Weeping Wall Wart


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-After attempting some remote upgrades, Joe found himself in a difficult situation. Thanks to an article from Mr. Macintosh, he was able to get out of a jam.

-Addigy has a fix in their community scripts to correct this issue before upgrades are performed.

-As Sam contemplates a fully remote support solution, Jerry talks about the pain points of doing so.

-One of Sam’s clients encounters a strange copy/paste issue and he quizzes the crew.

-Long time friend of the show, Tim Nyberg talks about how removing excess files in /var/folders can actually improve computer performance as well.

-Sam remotely onboards a new customer and finds a user with a non-standard setup. He had to come up with a creative way to resolve the situation.

-An OG client of Sam’s has a “media cabinet” with some pretty old school equipment.

-Jerry had a “wall wart” that needed mounting in a basement. He uses some heavy duty velcro to keep it up on the wall.

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