454: IT Essential Oils


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-Sam has finally filled the position at HCS CT!

-Jerry asks about Non-compete and NDA agreements.

-There is a cost to onboard a new employee and it is a risk you take in order to grow.

-One of Joe’s clients delays the move to a new server….again.

-This same client has been taking advice from other sources and it has strained the relationship.

-He has also explored a fee for working with clients that don’t include him in their technology decisions.

-Joe & Sam has some stories to share that are for our Patreon only feeds.

-As Sam has been dealing with Zoom latency issues at a particular network, he discovers Ubiquiti Smart Queues

-Dealing with VPNs, different subnets, and traffic, Joe gathers some good advice from Mike Kingsley and this handy command: sudo networksetup -setadditionalroutes

-This is a good alternative to “Send All Traffic”, which could inadvertently lead to unrelated traffic flowing through the VPN connection.

-Since Joe hijacked Sam’s MacAdmins Slack post about VPN traffic, he hijacks the show to shift to his topic in his quest to resolve an ongoing issue with Ubiquiti and SonicWall site to site VPN.

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