461: Let your Conscience Be your Guide


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-Joe is tired of being the help desk when Tim is out.

-Sam has dreams about removing himself from the help desk ticket queue.

-Sam’s new hire is working out well.

-Developing guides for common user tasks has been tremendously helpful for Sam.

-TextExpander is an invaluable tool that we all use. Joe has used it to create his own instructions for users.

-In this week’s “I should have known this”, Sam realized that disabling the default account on Synology would break the Cloud Sync connection because the process is owned by that account.

-Joe uses Backup Radar to stay on top of backup alerts.

-The group discusses Synology’s C2 built in backup solution.

-Joe has been listening to a podcast by Sam Harris about how society relies on technology and how fragile it is. Bridgefy can be used for offline messaging in a scenario where

-iPhone will be able to be used with satellite communications for emergency services in the future. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-08-30/apple-plans-to-add-satellite-features-to-iphones-for-emergencies

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