Welcome to Common Room: A Reintroduction


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Welcome! If you've never listened to the Common Room podcast or visited our site, you're probably asking "What's Common Room?" I hear you, and I'm trying to figure that out myself.

Common Room is a place for the renaissance woman who loves pop culture and lifestyle equally.

Where To Begin

I won't be deleting the backlog or moving to another feed. So please check out some of our most downloaded Common Room podcast episodes and most read posts:

Star Wars Rewatch- if you're the geeky type or into film, listen to some of my favorite episodes to record. Our Revenge of the Sith episode remains our most downloaded episode EVER! Potterweek- from religion to journalism to race and more. Check out our out of the box discussions about the series. The True Cost- watching this documentary changed my buying habits. I'd actually recommend you watch the documentary instead of listening to this episode. :) Australian Aboriginals- it's hard to be a cultured person if you don't seek out information. For International Women's Month, I reached out to my friend Ebony to get an education on the Australian Aboriginal community and their history.

We Saved You a Seat!

Who am I? I'm Hadas! With roots in Yemen, a birthplace in Israel, a family in Brooklyn, and product work in NYC. I love to learn, streamline, be silly, save our planet, look at turtles, and argue with you about Harry Potter.

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