Bongjun Kim - Sound Recognition and Audio Signal Processing with Machine Learning


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If you ever wondered how Alexa, Siri, Google can be trained to recognize and process audio, this is the episode for you! In this episode, we speak with Bongjun Kim. Bongjun is an AI researcher at 3M. He completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Northwestern University and his research interests include Machine Learning, Audio Signal Processing (e.g. sound event recognition), interactive intelligent systems, multimedia information retrieval, and human-in-the-loop interfaces. He also enjoys working on a musical interface and interactive media art.
I love this quote from him, "You need to look at the data before you choose your model. Please review the images, audio, or video to make sure your assumptions are valid." Wise words from an expert. I also highly suggest you pick up a copy of the book he recommends called Learning From Data listed in the liner notes below. I've started reading it and have found it fascinating and insightful!
To connect with Bongjun, visit his personal website.
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