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Thank you to Joe Schnieder for taking the time to chat with me on his history of applying AI using Embedded Systems. As a fellow entrepreneur, educator to the community, Arduino enthusiast, and someone looking at how to apply AI at the edge, this was an awesome conversation.
From his early times at John Deere to his current role as the founder of Dojo5, Joe brings passion, inspiration, and in some ways a much-needed levelheadedness ( is that a word? ) to the industry.
By giving back with his presentations and learnings are well worth attending. I hope that through this podcast you are able to learn about some of the new areas in which AI is being pushed to the edge with smarter devices being able to interact and then react using data from sensors in real-time.
Finally, if you are interested in learning about applying AI, be sure to join us at a future Applied AI Monthly meetup and help support us so we can make future Emerging Technologies North non-profit events!

Here's just a few of the many fun and interesting topics discussed during this podcast:

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