Unlock The EMPOWERED Mindset With Colin O’Brady 10X World Record Holding Explorer Episode 239


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In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Unlocking your best life
  • Trusting your intuition
  • How to have a BREAKTHROUGH moment
  • Releasing limiting beliefs


Show Notes:

What is YOUR Everest? If you can start asking yourself, what goals am I too afraid to conquer, you can discover your true purpose and live more AUTHENTICALLY everyday! Successful explorer, New York Times best selling author, and creator of The 12-Hour Walk, Colin O’Brady is here to help you break down your limiting beliefs and conquer your dreams! It’s time to STOP chasing the paycheck and start following your passions instead. When you can start training your mind to listen to your intuition, you’ll see monumental changes in your life. I promise!

About The Guest:

Returning to the show for the second time is Colin O’Brady, a 10X world record holding explorer, highly sought after public speaker, entrepreneur, and mindset expert! Known for taking the world's first solo, unsupported human crossing of Antarctica, and his AMAZING books, The Impossible First, and The 12-Hour Walk Colin is here to help you LEVEL UP!

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