CFP #13 – Steve Levine


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After joining CBS as a trainee tape operator at the age of 17, Grammy and Brit award-winning record producer Steve Levine has gone on to enjoy a hugely successful career in the music business, working with artists like The Clash and The Beach Boys and producing the first three Culture Club albums. A pioneer of digital recording techniques, he’s also been named BPI Producer of the Year and Top Singles Producer by Musicweek, and runs his own label, Hubris Records. Steve has also appeared on many radio and TV programs and is a regular guest on BBC Radio 6 Music, and his radio production company has produced several shows, including the documentary series The Record Producers, which featured interviews with some of the biggest name in record production including Trevor Horn, Nile Rodgers & Tony Visconti. In this interview hear how Steve got his big break in the music industry, what it was like for him and the band when Culture Club’s Do You Really Want to Hurt Me became a huge hit, and which record changed everything for him as a producer.

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