EP118: Ronnie O' Neal


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In 2018, Ronnie O'Neal mercilessly assaulted his family, in a prolonged and brutal attack using a gun, knife, ax, and fire. Three 911 phone calls captured the terror of what would later be described by a judge as "the worst case I have ever seen." At trial, Ronnie served as his own lawyer which allowed him to cross-examine the only survivor, his 9-year-old son. Listen to this episode to hear the 911 calls and trial excerpts of this shocking and sad story.
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Sources for Episode:
1) Relatives Condemn Ronnie O'Neal (Tampabay.com)
2) Court Records and Autopsy Reports of Kenyatta Barron and Ron'iveya O'Neal
3) 10 Tampa Bay "The Ronnie O'Neal Trial" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SDl2yFartY&t=1s)

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