March 6, 2022 - Is Canada doing enough about the war in Ukraine?


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On Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his government does not want to see an escalation in the conflict — such as a no-fly zone over Ukraine — that would pull NATO forces into "direct conflict" with Russia in eastern Europe. Our question this week: Is Canada doing enough about the war in Ukraine? What questions do you have? Freelance journalist Oz Katerji provides an update from Kyiv. Denis Thompson, former major-general with the Canadian Armed Forces; Michael Bociurkiw, global affairs analyst and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council; and Jane Boulden, political science professor at Queen’s University and Royal Military College, answer questions about military intervention in Ukraine. And, Bryson Woolsey, a 33-year-old Canadian man in Powell River, B.C., shares why he's travelling to Romania to support Ukrainian refugees.

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