Chatterbox #294 – The highs and lows of living abroad


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Have you ever thought about living abroad? That’s the discussion topic for this Chatterbox episode. Join Andrew and Anna as they share their experiences of living in a foreign country and talk about the ups and downs of living abroad.

Chatterbox is a series for intermediate and advanced English learners in which native English speakers have natural conversations on interesting topics. This series is designed to help you improve your English listening and speaking fluency in a fun way.

Fun facts

Did you know that the United Arab Emirates’ population mostly consists of foreigners? Expats constitute over 88% of this country’s population. That means only 12% are native-born residents.

Expressions included in the study guide

  • Red tape
  • To bend over backwards
  • A loophole
  • To keep [someone] on [their] toes
  • To be on the fence
  • YOLO

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