Real Estate Investing Shocks!


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Unexpected things while investing in real estate can be shocking! Find out the most common real estate investing shocks in Dallas, Texas and how to mitigate and/or elimiate them completely in this special class. Especially helpful for newer real estate investors that are not aware of some of the things that could go wrong while buying, selling and owning properties as a real estate investor in Dallas.

Topics discussed include:

  • What are real estate investing shocks?
  • Dan Sullivan says: If you've got enough money to solve the problem, you don't have the problem.
  • Maybe these shouldn't be shocks...
  • Your Shoe is Untied and How to Deal With Your Real Estate Investing Shocks
  • Reverse Shocks - How Some Shocks Can Be Pleasant Surprises
  • General Mitigation Principles for Dealing with Shocks
  • The Importance of Reserves When Investing in Real Estate
  • The Importance of a Wise Advisor to Guide You
  • The Importance of Studying History for Real Estate Investors
  • The Importance of Having a Backup Plan
  • The Importance of Evaluating Your Risk and Determining Your Personal Comfort Level
  • The Importance of Patience and Managing Your Own Expectations
  • The Importance of Understanding Your Own Circle of Control
  • The Importance of Expected Value
  • Shocks Broken Out By Groups: Before You Buy, Under Contract, Post-Closing, Selling and Extras
  • The Shock of Multiple Competing Offers
  • 10 Tips to Get Offers Accepted In Hot Markets
  • The Shock of Competing Against Cash Offers
  • The Shock of Limited Accessibility to Properties
  • The Shock of Not Having All the Information You Need to Make a Decision
  • The Shock of Changing Interest Rates
  • The Shock of Inspection Issues
  • The Shock of Not Qualifying for Mortgages
  • The Shock of Not Being Able to Get Property Insurance
  • The Shock of Properties Not Appraising
  • The Shock of Title or HOA Issues
  • The Shock of Not Being Able to Get The Rent You Expected
  • Tips on How to Improve Cash Flow
  • The Shock of Undisclosed Issues
  • The Shock of The Seller or Tenant Not Moving Out
  • The Shock of Inadequate Property Insurance
  • The Shock of Price and Rent Drops
  • The Shock of HOA Restrictions Limiting What You Can Do With Your Property
  • The Shock of Your Loan Being Called Due (Creative Financing and Asset Protection)
  • Due on Sale and Due on Transfer Laws
  • The Shock of Not Receiving Offers
  • The Shock of Buyer Backing Out
  • The Shock of Conditional Transaction Chains
  • The Shock of 1031 Exchange Issues
  • Plus much more

This class was recorded to help real estate investors learn about possible unexpected shocks while investing in real estate along with some tips for mitigating and/or completely eliminating these shocks.

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