‘Science, Natural Theology, and Christian Apologetics’: A Conversation between Peter S. Williams and Lars Dahle about a special Theofilos issue


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Theofilos editor Lars Dahle talks with special edition guest editor Peter S. Williams about the first special, open access issue of the Nordic journal Theofilos. They explain the background to, and give an overview of, the contents of this special edition called Theofilos Supplement 2020-1. The overall theme for this thematic issue is "Science, Natural Theology, and Christian Apologetics".

Through their engaging conversation Williams and Dahle provide snapshots of both the seven peer reviewed and the four more popular articles. They explore issues relating to the book of Genesis, natural theology and the influence of science in contemporary popular culture. Along the way, they explore something of the history of the relationship between science and theology.'

This special issue of Theofilos is published here: https://theofilos.no/issues/theofilos-supplement-2020-1/

For more information about the journal, see www.theofilos.no.

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