Building on the Data Cloud with Torsten Grabs


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Building and managing data-intensive applications has traditionally been costly and complex, and has placed an operational burden on developers to maintain as their organization scales. Todays’ developers, data scientists, and data engineers need a streamlined, single cloud data platform for building applications, pipelines, and machine learning models — without having to move or copy their data. Platforms like the Snowflake Data Cloud provides a unified tool for developers to easily build data applications with Python using Streamlit’s open source framework and Snowflake’s Native Application Framework, gain a streamlined architecture that natively supports users’ programming languages of choice including Java, Scala, SQL, and now Python with Snowpark, store and use transactional and analytical data together with Unistore, and more.

Torsten Grabs is the Director of Product Management at Snowflake focused on Data Lake, Data Pipelines, and Data Science. He joins the show to dive into how Snowflake is disrupting application development, and how developers today can eliminate complexity with the Data Cloud.

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