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In this episode: Benny Boom Boom (Boston Benny) is taking Greyhound across the country. Is Colorado ready for the beast outta Boston? Benny plans on doing an audio prank show on the bus. What could go wrong? Me and Cbird don't think he will make it to his destination. He will probably end up dead in a dumpster behind Chic Filet. Stay tuned to see if he makes it.

Joe Biden wasn't supposed to be wearing a helmet when he rode that bicycle, one of his aids messed up. Someone got fired for that. One of his aids, "he was supposed to fall down and have a traumatic head injury so Kameltoe Harris could step up to replace him, who gave him the damn helmet?"

Talking conspiracies. Beeny was in law enforcement when 9/11 happened. He has a lot to say about that day. We are birds of a feather when it comes to not believing the "official story" of the chain of events on 9/11. It just doesn't add up. Too many things that happened that day are a 1st ever, and that cannot be coincidence. First time steel skyscrapers ever collapsed due to fire (twice). Building #7 wasn't hit by a plane but collapsed in same fashion. Marvin Bush was in charge of security at The Twin Towers, Juliani was not in his emergency command center (bldg #7). The Pentagon was not hit by a plane, and all cameras that filmed the actual event in the area had their film seized by the FBI within 10 minutes. The "plane" hit the pentagon in the exact place they were investigating $2 TRILLION missing from the pentagon.

Pastrami sandwich sacrilege. You do NOT heat the meat WITH the bread. Proper order of operations is essential. Heat the meat and cheese, toast the bread, then marry the two. SIMPLE. What could go wrong with the new concealed carry law in the US? I bet the murder rate will skyrocket this year. Now your average bar fight will be fatal with 25% of the people in the bar packin heat.

Why do people riot after sporting events? Wouldn't it make a lot more sense if the losing teams fans rioted instead of the winning team? Who riots in their own neighborhood anyway??? Would make a lot more sense if the losing teams fans went to the winning team's city and rioted. Guess there is no logic involved when it comes to mob mentality. Subliminal message ..... EAT THE RICH!!! Prince Albert = daddy issues. File under - what did your daddy do to you? I mean WTF, it's basically like driving a nail through the head of the little colonel.

Cbird coined a new term "delicatician. It is a delicatessen onsite at the morgue. Talk about recycling!!! Unfortunately, this will probably be a reality next year, as Bill Gates is burning food processing plants. One time in San Francisco ... I never knew what a bull penis looked like until I went shopping at a Russian grocery store. TRUE STORY. Why do they call them Rocky Mt oysters anyway? I guess that sounds a lot better than freshly lopped bull balls...LOL Benny Boob Boom puts in his will that he wants to be taxidermized if anything goes wrong on his cross-country bus trip. Cbird says "I know a guy." She wants his taxidermized corpse in the corner as a conversation piece. actually, be a thing next year as someone (Bill Gates) is burning down all of our food processing plants in the US (25 in the past year).

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