Days of Thunder #45: At Home With The Ravens


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In a sign of things to come, Dave and Lee are nearly broken by the first Thunder of 1999: a shambolic episode of television with almost no redeeming segments. Oh this year will be fun! *We meet Raven's family *Hogan sports quite the ensemble *The NWO Family Drama dead horse is flogged again *A nadir in t-shirt designs [Dave's note: to donate to keep the lights on at PWOM, the PayPal address you need is Make sure to mention that DoT sent you in the payment note, and screenshot proof of a donation of $5 or more to be able to pick your own show or tape for the lads to watch!] We’ll be back in two weeks with a new episode of DoT, and encourage people to watch the shows along with us and send us any thoughts or memories. You can drop us an email at either or Please feel free to follow us on Twitter and continue the Thunder chat! Our blog 'Beyond The Thunder Road' is at where you can expect new content eventually, and we are now on Instagram at You can also follow Dave or Lee Special thanks to Keith Broni for the podcast art.
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