Days of Thunder #48: YDBDC 4 Life


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The cursed technical difficulties struck last week causing us to scrap our first attempt, but Dave and Lee return with a vengeance this week to chat about what actually amounted to an excellent episode of Thunder! * More alleged action in the WCW Tag Title Tournament *Bischoff plays the role of short-changing fans, what a reach! *The Fit Finlay "Are we taking crazy pills?" saga rages on *Luchadors carry us through a great bit of television. We’ll be back Friday with the next episode of Thunder, and encourage people to watch the shows along with us and send us any thoughts or memories. You can drop us an email at either or Please feel free to follow us on Twitter and continue the Thunder chat! Our blog 'Beyond The Thunder Road' is at where you can expect new content eventually, and we are now on Instagram at You can also follow Dave or Lee Special thanks to Keith Broni for the podcast art.
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