Days of Thunder: Souled Out 1999


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With barely any time to bail on our New Year's Resolutions, WCW throws together its first Pay Per View offering of 1999, and Dave and Lee are here to navigate you through these murky Snickers-free waters. *What WCW wrestlers would make a great buddy cop pairing? *A show setting the table for Russo's arrival later this year *A tale of a one man war with the skies. *A time to reflect on how aimless this year feels already. We’ll be back in two weeks with a brand new Pick Your Poison special, and encourage people to watch the shows along with us and send us any thoughts or memories. You can drop us an email at either or Please feel free to follow us on Twitter and continue the Thunder chat! Our blog 'Beyond The Thunder Road' is at where you can expect new content eventually, and we are now on Instagram at You can also follow Dave or Lee Special thanks to Keith Broni for the podcast art.
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