Episode 102 - Fernando Reis: Championship Level Olympic Weightlifting


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In Episode 102, we have an in depth discussion with Fernando Reis, discussing his training and the road to the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Fernando talks about when and how he started training in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, as well as some of the other sports he participated in as a young athlete. We discuss the intricacies of training and competing as a world class level Olympic Weightlifter and how important it was to develop his technical expertise from a very young age. Fernando talks about the equipment he uses and how his technique, training and recovery methods have changed over the years as a world class competitor. His upcoming competitions are the Pan American Weightlifting Championships in the Dominican Republic and the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and talk about his preparations for both those events.
Fernando Reis competes as an elite level Olympic Weightlifting at the 105kg+ weight class for Brazil. He won the bronze medal at the 2020 Junior World Weightlifting Championships. This was the first World Championship medal for Brazil at any age group, gender or weight class. He won the gold medal for the 2011 Pan American Games, and has placed 11th and 5th at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games respectively. He repeated as the gold medalist for the 2015 Pan American Games and then finished 10th at the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships, breaking the snatch and clean and jerk records for Brazil. In 2018, Reis won the bronze medal in the World Weightlifting Championships – the first medal for Brazil at this event. In 2019, he won his third consecutive Pan American Games gold medal in his weight class.
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fernando.reis.587268
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