Episode 88 - Halo MCC, New Merch Design, and Dealing with Crazies


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With the writer departing, our heroes waited around for the warrior hero to return. They assumed that he had probably been torn apart by a pack of wolves, but thought it best to not bother looking for him. Day turned to night, and they continued to wait. They cooked up some food, and waited longer still.

Eventually, their companion returned. his clothes were torn, and he was covered in dirt and dried blood from head to toe. Without saying a word, he sat down next to the fire and picked through the remains of the meal. A few meager scraps of their chicken still clung to the bones, and some spilled water had accumulated in a tiny, muddy puddle under their boots. He helped himself to both.

Once he was able to speak again, they discussed playing Halo MCC, the slick new melting merch design, and dealing with crazy people.

Our new Melting Jester logo merch is available now!

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