Episode 89 With Guest CpnCanuck - Streaming Schedules, Technical Difficulties, and Marketing


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After waiting for their companion to finish eating, the heroes prepared to leave. They stuffed their packs and put out the fire. They cleaned up their campsite and set off, surely prepared for anything the world could throw at them.

They realized they were wrong when the warrior hero immediately got sick. His nose was runny, and he had a cough that was only getting worse. He grew tired, and became angry with the illness. Without any medicine, the heroes could not help him.

Deciding it wasn't worth worrying about, they continued on. They crossed paths with a young foreign man from the north. They walked along together, and talked about streaming, dealing with technical difficulties, and how to get into marketing oneself.

Thanks a bunch to CpnCanuck for being on the show! Please go check out his Twitch Channel by visiting the link below!

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